The Crucial Role of Discernment – 1 Chronicles 21

The Crucial Role of Discernment
December 5, 2023

The Crucial Role of Discernment – 1 Chronicles 21

Listen to last week’s sermon “The Crucial Role of Discernment” found in 1 Chronicles 21.

The Crucial Role of Discernment

The Advent season prompts reflection on hope, reminiscent of the anticipation surrounding the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years ago. Today, believers eagerly await the second coming of Jesus as a triumphant king. However, hope is often tested in the face of seemingly hopeless situations, drawing parallels to biblical figures like Joseph and Mary. Last week’s sermon focused on the theme of discernment through the lens of a critical moment in King David’s life, emphasizing the consequences of failing to discern.

The Biblical Context

The narrative in 1 Chronicles 21 unfolds as Satan incites David to take a census of Israel, leading to disastrous consequences. The ensuing discussion revolves around three key areas where David failed to exercise discernment:

Three key areas where David failed to exercise discernment:

A. Discerning the Source of Inspiration.

It seems that King David failed to recognize the spiritual warfare at play, David failed to handle the spiritual problem with appropriate spiritual weapons. The sermon emphasizes the need for believers to confront spiritual challenges with spiritual solutions. Read 2 Corinthians 10:4.

B. Discerning Underlying Motivations.

Many scholars agree that David may have been motivated by pride and self-reliance here.This would blind him to the underlying motivations behind his decision to conduct a census. The sermon explores the dangers of relying on human strength rather than trusting in God.(E.g. God shrunk Guideon’s men instead of increasing it.)

C. Discerning God’s Will.

David overlooked God’s perspective on the census, leading to an act that was deemed evil in the sight of God. The sermon underscores the importance of seeking divine guidance and discerning God’s will in decision-making, see verse 7 of 1 Chronicles 21.

The Role of Wise Advisers.

The narrative introduces Joab, a trusted military leader and David’s nephew, who voiced strong reservations about the census. David’s dismissal of Joab’s counsel serves as a cautionary example of the consequences of ignoring wise advice. Pastor Eric emphasized the significance of surrounding oneself with wise advisers and listening to their insights.

God’s Mercy in Repentance.

David’s acknowledgment of sin, repentance, and God’s subsequent offer of three options for punishment highlight the concept of divine mercy. The message discusses the notion that while the consequences of sin are inevitable, God’s mercy can intervene, as evidenced by the relenting of the angel of the Lord in 1 Chronicles 21:14-15.

Last week’s sermon stresses the crucial role of discernment in avoiding pitfalls similar to those faced by King David. It encourages believers to sharpen their discernment skills, seek divine guidance, surround themselves with wise advisers, and appreciate God’s mercy in the face of repentance. The narrative of David’s mistake serves as a timeless lesson for individuals and leaders navigating the complexities of decision-making.

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