Limitless – Understanding How God Multiplies

November 28, 2023

Limitless – Understanding How God Multiplies

Limitless – Understanding How God Multiplies


New Beginning Church Rockland joyfully commemorated its 14th-year anniversary this past Sunday. The celebration was graced by the compelling presence of Rev. Jason Luscombe, EOND Superintendent, who delivered a profound sermon exploring the theme of limitlessness, anchored in the transformative verses of Ephesians 3:16-21.

The sermon highlighted a common problem among believers: the lack of knowledge about who God is and what He can do, leading to a tendency to stay small in our thinking and aspirations.

The Problem:

Pastor Luscombe emphasized the destructive consequence of this lack of knowledge, drawing from Hosea 4:6:

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

Contrasting this, the sermon referenced Daniel 11:32, proclaiming that those who know their God shall do exploits. The central challenge is to understand and believe in the limitless nature of God’s capabilities, a critical element in unlocking His multiplication power.

How God Multiplies:

1. The Incomprehensibility of God.

Pastor Luscombe illuminated the idea that God’s abilities are beyond our comprehension, drawing from the concept of El Shaddai, the All-Sufficient One—more than enough. It was stressed that God’s resources are inexhaustible, far beyond our human limitations.

2. Starting with What You Have.

Reference was made to God’s questioning of Moses and Elisha, urging them to recognize and utilize what they already possessed. The story of James Levesque’s takeout container illustrated the principle that God starts with what we have, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

3. Seeing What You Have as the Seed.

The congregation was encouraged to view their current circumstances and possessions as seeds that, when surrendered to God, can be supernaturally multiplied. Drawing from Matthew 14:17-21 and the miraculous catch of fish in Luke 5, the message resonated: God can multiply even the smallest offerings.

4. Letting Go of the Seed.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of releasing the seed—taking a step of faith. Citing John 12:24, the sermon emphasized that, like a kernel of wheat falling to the ground, the seed must be surrendered to God for multiplication to occur.

Pastor Jason concluded with a call to action, drawing from extra scriptures such as Hebrews 11:6, underscoring the necessity of faith. 2 Corinthians 9:10 highlighted God’s role in providing seed to the sower, while James 2:26 emphasized that faith without deeds is dead. Finally, 2 Corinthians 9:8 reassured the congregation that God is able to make all grace abound, enabling them to excel in every good work. In understanding and applying the principles of God’s multiplication power, New Beginning Church Rockland is poised for a season of unprecedented growth and impact. By recognizing God’s incomprehensible capabilities, starting with what they have, seeing it as a seed, and letting go in faith, the church can unleash the limitless potential God has in store. May this anniversary mark the beginning of a new era of multiplication and abundance for New Beginning Church Rockland!

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