The Blessing Blueprint – Prioritizing What Matters Matthew 6:25-34

April 23, 2024

The Blessing Blueprint – Prioritizing What Matters Matthew 6:25-34

Listen to last week’s sermon Prioritizing What Matters found in Matthew 6:25-34

Main Idea: God offers conditional blessings that require specific actions from us. This sermon delves into the principle of prioritizing what truly matters as a key to unlocking these blessings.

Pastor Eric delved into the passage from Matthew 6, often referred to as “The Cure for Anxiety.” He acknowledged the anxieties of modern life – financial pressures, uncertainties, and the constant pursuit of material possessions – and presented Jesus’ message as a source of freedom from these burdens.

The sermon explored the numerous biblical references to “fear not,” reminding listeners of God’s constant presence and care. Pastor Eric contrasted false sources of comfort, such as substance abuse or unhealthy dependencies, with the lasting joy and peace found in God’s consolation.

The message stressed the importance of not just avoiding worry, but actively cultivating trust and faith in God. This involves releasing anxieties through prayer, believing in God’s goodness and His plan for our lives, and replacing fear with the assurance of His protection.

Inner Peace Over Worry

Jesus emphasizes the futility of worry and the importance of trusting God’s provision. Worry, an unproductive and harmful burden, contrasts with the peace and joy found in faith. Pastor Eric highlighted the prevalence of anxiety disorders, emphasizing the need for God’s peace in our lives. He used examples from individuals like George Müller, Corrie ten Boom, and C.S. Lewis to illustrate the power of faith over fear and the importance of finding peace in God.

Making Today Count

Instead of being consumed by anxieties about tomorrow, we should focus on maximizing the present moment. Our actions today shape our future, so prioritizing serving God, growing in faith, and impacting others is crucial. The sermon emphasized the ripple effect of today’s choices on tomorrow’s outcomes, urging listeners to sow seeds of faith and obedience for a future harvest of blessings.

Seeking the Kingdom First

Jesus calls us to prioritize the pursuit of God’s kingdom and righteousness above all else. This means aligning our lives with God’s will and seeking His rule in our hearts and communities. When we do this, God promises to provide for our needs. The parable of the jar illustrated how prioritizing God’s kingdom creates space for the blessings He desires to give us.


The sermon provided practical steps for applying these principles:

Cultivating Inner Peace: Develop a consistent prayer life, meditate on Scripture verses that speak of God’s peace and faithfulness, and practice gratitude for His blessings.
Maximizing Today: Seek opportunities to serve others, share your faith, and use your talents for God’s glory. Make conscious choices that align with God’s will and contribute to a better future.
Seeking the Kingdom First: Study the teachings of Jesus about the Kingdom of God, actively participate in your church community, and seek ways to advance God’s purposes in the world.

Watch the sermon here:

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