From Scarcity to Abundance – A Sermon on Generosity | Luke 6:38

May 2, 2024

From Scarcity to Abundance – A Sermon on Generosity | Luke 6:38

Listen to last week’s sermon  From Scarcity to Abundance found in Luke 6:38.


Generosity is not just a virtue; it is a powerful catalyst for blessings. This concept was discussed last Sunday by Pastor Eric in his sermon, which is the third part of his series titled “The Blessing Blueprint.” This series delves into living a life ordained with God’s blessings, emphasizing that some blessings are granted purely by God’s grace, while others follow a divine blueprint provided by God.

In his sermon, Pastor Eric connects the act of generosity to the receipt of blessings, citing the scripture from Luke 6:38, which states,

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

This passage not only underlines the importance of giving but also highlights the abundant return that follows a generous act.

The sermon emphasizes that generosity and blessings are intrinsically linked, much like two sides of the same coin. Whenever you observe a generous individual, you are likely to see a life adorned with blessings. This relationship is not coincidental but is a divine principle that operates consistently across the lives of those who practice generosity.

Pastor Eric clarifies that generosity extends beyond monetary contributions. It encompasses a wide array of actions including love, forgiveness, and mercy. Jesus, in the verses preceding Luke 6:38, calls His followers to adopt a lifestyle of generosity that influences every aspect of their lives. This includes showing love to adversaries, forgiving those who have wronged us, and extending mercy to the undeserving.

The Echo of Generosity

Describing it as “Generosity’s Echo,” Pastor Eric explains that the act of giving sets off a chain reaction, returning to the giver in full measure. This principle, akin to the law of gravity, ensures that what you give will indeed come back to you, often multiplied. However, many fail to realize that to reap blessings, one must first sow through acts of generosity.

Why Generosity Matters to God?

The sermon also touches on why generosity holds significant importance in Christian stewardship, more so than other practices. This is because generosity directly addresses the state of the heart, which is of utmost importance to God. By giving, individuals demonstrate their trust in God’s provision, acknowledge Him as the source of all blessings, and combat selfishness.

Addressing the Obstacles to Generosity

The sermon also identifies common barriers to generosity, such as fear and distrust, which can stem from a scarcity mindset or past experiences of misuse. Pastor Eric encourages overcoming these hurdles by reaffirming trust in God’s word and His principles, which remain steadfast despite human failings.

Generosity as a Pathway to Blessings

Concluding his message, Pastor Eric reiterates that living a life of generosity not only aligns with Jesus’s teachings but also opens the door to a life filled in blessings. This sermon invites believers to engage actively in generous acts, promising that such a lifestyle leads to spiritual richness and divine favour, as encapsulated in the blessings of peace and grace mentioned in the Benediction.

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