The Regular Pursuit of God’s Presence

July 5, 2018

The Regular Pursuit of God’s Presence

Today Pastor Eric preached : “The Regular Pursuit of God’s Presence

The essence of today’s message was to encourage us to be “all in”. This means; God is at the centre of it all. Intentionally seeking God’s presence in our everyday lives. When we do this we are blessed with “Experiencing God’s Presence” in our life.

Pastor continued by teaching the “what will happen when we regularly pursue God?”:

1). We become more like Jesus, He refines us.
2). We experience gradual change and growth.
3). We become aware of our weaknesses which provokes repentance which then leads to spiritual growth and change.
4). People can see Jesus through you.
5). We will want more of Jesus…. you can’t live without it.
6). God will speak to you – heart prompting, coincidental conversations, scripture jumping off the page at the perfect time, etc.
7). God will use you as a messenger to others.
8). God will use you, His hand will be upon your life.

Let’s apply it brothers and sisters. Let’s make it our mission to pursue God’s presence in our life, every single day