The Regular Pursuit of the Manifested Presence of God (part 2)

July 5, 2018

The Regular Pursuit of the Manifested Presence of God (part 2)

Today we heard the second part to the seriesRegular Pursuit of God’s Presence

People are surprised how easy it is to live a life with God at the centre. Today Pastor Eric explained in depth using two points:

1). Cherish God’s Presence more than anything else.

If God has no true value to you or your life, He will quickly fall to the bottom of our list of priorities. When this happens, our relationship with Jesus quickly becomes a predictable routine, devoid of God’s Presence.

2). Practice putting God first ALWAYS.

There’s only ONE seat on the thrown of our heart. And it’s either we are sitting on it, or Jesus is. There’s no room for the both of us, therefore, when we become “auto-pilot” Christians, we are essentially asking Jesus to move out of the pilot seat so that we can take over.

Auto pilot is a dangerous place to live. We are essentially still going through the motions… such as going to church, praying and reading the word. But if there’s no VALUE to these practices, this results in us not growing in our walk with Jesus. We may believe we are still “walking with Jesus” but there’s no forward progression.

PS: The video used in the illustration can be found here: