Learning with ACROSTICS!!!

An acrostic is a great learning / teaching tool. As a teacher I have proven that to be true. Children like working with / creating acrostics. It gives them an opportunity to try to build their vocabulary, and to be creative with the written language. They can also have fun and show how artistic they are as they draw appropriate pictures for their acrostic and decorate it. Can you believe that if you google acrostic, you can find – can you believe this – an acrostic generator!!! That’s right. Put in a topic, and they will create an acrostic for you. That’s taking all of the fun out of it. Well, I had to try it. I put in the word CHURCH, and this is what it generated:
C is for Cool, you carry yourself well
H is for Humorous, master of comedy
U is for Uplifting, so inspiring
R is for Regal, like a royal
C is for Confident, believing in yourself
H is for Helpful, ever willing to lend a hand .

Okay, some of it is good, but there’s lots of room for improvement (my opinion, based on what I’ve seen ten and eleven year olds generate).

Our pastor just spent three Sundays using an acrostic as a learning – teaching tool to share some great truths relating to CRISIS. The focus was shining in dark days – how do we cope with a crisis? The sermons are posted on the church website, and it’s worth checking out. They will give you direction and assurance as to what to do when you face your crisis. I’ll just give a very abbreviated version here.

C:   Confess: the word (Rom. 8:28); Our need (Prov. 3: 5 – 6);
R:   Remember: the enemy (Eph. 6:12);
I:    Investigate: Matt. 7: 24 – 27;
S:   Share: I Peter 3:15 – 16;
I:    Implore: Psalm 34 : 17 – 20;
S:   Support: Support each other. Eph. 6; Heb. 13 : 7.

Are you facing a crisis in your life? You’re in a valley? Take some time and check out the sermon series. It can give you a lift.