Faith and other nuggets….

I’ve decided to just list some ‘random’ thoughts for your consideration. They can be great springboards for discussion, meditation, or devotionals. I have to acknowledge that most were copied from my son’s Facebook page (hope he doesn’t mind).

“Modern worship has contributed, to some degree, to a new generation of believers that know almost nothing about faith except how they feel about it.”

How’s your faith today? How does it compare to young Bobby’s?

Ron Butterfield once taught a class of mentally impaired teenagers. Looking at his students’ capabilities rather than their limitations, Ron got them to play chess, restore furniture and repair electrical appliances. Most important, he taught them to believe in themselves. Young Bobby soon proved how well he had learned that last lesson. One day he brought in a broken toaster to repair. He carried the toaster tucked under one arm, and a half-loaf of bread under the other.

God needs no one, but when faith is present, he works through anyone.   A. W. Tozer

And, on the ‘lite’ side…Mornings (without coffee) are a result of the fall!!!