The Power of Lifted Hands | Exodus 17:8-16

April 9, 2024

The Power of Lifted Hands | Exodus 17:8-16

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In our journey through life, facing challenges is inevitable. However, as believers, we have access to powerful tools that enable us to overcome these obstacles and experience breakthroughs. In this sermon, we delve into the significance of lifted hands in prayer, drawing inspiration from the narrative in Exodus chapter 17.

Context and Overview:

The book of Exodus chronicles the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage under the leadership of Moses. Despite witnessing miraculous deliverance, the Israelites faced numerous trials in the wilderness, each designed to deepen their dependence on God. One such challenge occurred at Rephidim, where the lack of water provoked quarrels among the people. Amidst this turmoil, the Amalekites attacked Israel. Moses, recognizing the spiritual significance of his posture, lifted his hands in prayer while Joshua engaged in battle. Whenever Moses raised his hands, Israel prevailed, but when his hands lowered, Amalek gained ground. This illustrates the power of prayer and its impact on spiritual warfare.

Key Insights:

Understanding the Impact.

Moses’ lifted hands symbolize prayer and submission to God. When he prayed, Joshua received divine strength to overcome the enemy. Similarly, our prayers have a profound impact on our lives and surroundings. Neglecting prayer leaves us vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Consider the immense influence of a praying grandmother, the steadfastness of a praying parent, or the stability brought by a praying student. Our prayers not only invite God’s intervention but also demonstrate our reliance on Him. Just as Moses’ posture signified a readiness to receive from God, our lifted hands in prayer signify our openness to His guidance, provision, and protection.


Maintaining Spiritual Ground.

Just as soldiers secure conquered territory, we must maintain our spiritual victories through consistent prayer. Aaron and Hur supported Moses, preventing his hands from faltering. Likewise, we need spiritual companionship and practical strategies to sustain our prayer lives. Surrounding ourselves with fellow believers who uplift and encourage us in prayer strengthens our spiritual resolve. Additionally, implementing practical routines and habits, such as designated prayer times or prayer walks, helps us remain steadfast in our communication with God. Just as Aaron and Hur aided Moses, we too can support one another in our spiritual journeys, ensuring that our hands remain lifted in prayer and our hearts steadfast in faith.


We are encouraged to embrace a lifestyle of prayer, understanding its transformative power. Like spiritual giants of the past, such as George Müller and Billy Graham, who prioritized prayer, we must diligently seek God’s presence. Passing down the legacy of prayer to future generations ensures continued victory over spiritual adversaries.

In conclusion, the narrative of Moses and Joshua teaches us invaluable lessons about the efficacy of prayer and the importance of spiritual support. As we lift our hands in prayer and stand firm in faith, we can confront the Amaleks in our lives and experience breakthroughs beyond measure.

Are you facing challenges that seem insurmountable? Do you feel like Amalek is winning the battle in your life? Take this opportunity to surrender your burdens to God and invite His intervention. Just as He empowered Joshua against Amalek, He will strengthen you for the battles you face.

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