From Breakdown to Breakthrough – Joshua 6

February 28, 2023

From Breakdown to Breakthrough – Joshua 6


Listen to last week’s sermon entitled: From Breakdown to Breakthrough found in Joshua 6.

Pastor Eric’s message last Sunday was titled “From Breakdown to Breakthrough,” and he began his message by referencing Psalm 34:17-19. He explained that the Hebrew word for “all” means all, and that God can deliver us from all our troubles, including work-related, financial, past, relationship, addiction, health, genetics, and parenting troubles. He encouraged the congregation to cry out to the Lord for help if they were experiencing any kind of trouble.

Pastor Eric then talked about how the Israelites were led out of slavery in Egypt by Moses, but God took them through the desert for 40 years to prepare them for the challenges ahead. He explained that God needed to train and develop them so that they wouldn’t be tempted to go back to Egypt if they encountered opposition. The Israelites had just crossed the Jordan River and were about to enter their promised land under the leadership of Joshua.

Pastor Eric used Joshua chapter 6 to illustrate his message. He explained that the Israelites needed to claim their promise by asserting ownership of their land, seizing their inheritance, and taking hold of their promise. He compared this to how we, as Christians, need to claim our promises from God by faith.

He then talked about how the Israelites faced opposition from the fortified city of Jericho, which had its gates securely barred. But God gave them a plan to take the city by marching around it once a day for six days, and on the seventh day, they were to march around it seven times and blow their trumpets. When they did this, the walls of Jericho fell, and the Israelites were able to take the city.

Pastor Eric explained that the Israelites faced a breakdown before they could experience a breakthrough. They were in a difficult situation, facing a fortified city with no obvious way to take it. But by obeying God’s plan and trusting in His promises, they were able to experience a breakthrough.

He then challenged the congregation to consider what their own breakdowns might be and encouraged them to trust in God’s promises for a breakthrough. He reminded them that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that He can deliver them from all their troubles. He also invited them to a prayer meeting that evening where they could cry out to the Lord for help.

In conclusion, Pastor Eric’s message was about how we can move from a breakdown to a breakthrough by claiming God’s promises, trusting in His plan, and obeying His commands. He used the example of the Israelites taking Jericho to illustrate how we can face difficult situations and experience breakthroughs by following God’s plan.

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