The Father’s Blessing – Pastor Daniel Decary

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June 28, 2019

The Father’s Blessing – Pastor Daniel Decary

On Sunday we had a guest speaker, Pastor Daniel Decary who shared a powerful message about a Father’s Blessing. He shared 5 elements from Genesis 27:21-29 that we are encouraged to present in our family:

1. A meaningful touch v21 : 26

2. A spoken word v27

3. High Value

4. Encouragement v28 – 29

5. Commitment

Pastor Daniel also shared what we are encouraged to do if we have not received such a blessing from our family:

1. Be honest about my childhood

2. Try to understand your parents background

3. Believe that a curse can be transformed into a blessing

4. I am adopted Romans 8:15

5. I have a Spiritual Family

Watch here: