For several years at New Beginning Church, we noticed that there were immense needs that were still not met. People would attend our Sunday morning service, liked the atmosphere, loved the friendly people at our church but when the meeting was over, they would go home without knowing anyone and even lose the desire to ever come back. Over the years, we have seen a lot of first time guests come and disappear. Or, some would simply settle for a Sunday morning experience and not embark on the journey to follow Christ every day.

This is why we believe the NBC Connection Groups will bridge the gap.

Not only are the Connection Groups so helpful to help people meet new friendly people, but Connection Groups are part of the solution to help people grow and become a disciple of Jesus. During Connection Groups, people will connect with:

1.With God

2.With People 

3.With The Word

4.With their God given Gifts.

If you are reading/watching this, that means you’ve taken an interest in joining the NBC Connection Groups and I want to personally thank you for your commitment and interest. You are in for an exciting journey and can promise you that you will grow significantly in the process.

Praying with you for God to use you mightily!

God bless you ! 

Pastor Eric Tremblay