New Renovations at New Beginning Church

Have you seen the changes happening around New Beginning Church recently? If you have not been in for a service lately, you may barely recognize the place! Here’s what has changed:

A Bigger, Brighter Sanctuary

Thanks to the generosity of gifted contractors, the church sanctuary was revamped. Even in the dark, the symbol of our faith shines brightly to remind us of what Christ has done for us. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will feel empowered by the brand new 3D wooden cross at the centre of the stage. This adds new depth to the increased stage size in the Sanctuary, giving the worship team and the pastor more space.


New Beginning Church Sanctuary

More Seating Space

On one Sunday morning in December, the pastor asked the congregation if anyone wanted to sponsor a chair and 80 chairs were sponsored allowing more seating space.  We also removed a temporary wall that created more space.  church-stage-rockland

Two New Classes for Children Church

We recently signed a contract to rent an extra 650 square feet from New Wave Pools & Spa. This allowed us to move the two children’s class and provided double the space they normally had.


New Nursery for the 0-3 Years old

Because of these changes, the nursery got an upgrade. The nursery is now in a nice bright room closer to the kitchen and the washroom allowing mothers to come and go if needed.


IMG 20170406 115259482