Soccer Camp in Rockland

If you’re looking for an exhilarating camp to put your kids this summer, then the 2017 soccer camp is the thing for you. This camp is a thrilling week full of drills, games and activities that New Beginning Church is organizing for the kids of the community of Clarence-Rockland.  

Our soccer camp will take place during the week of August 14th to the 18th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are accommodating children between the ages of 5 to 12 years old.  For the entire week the price is $79 for your first child, $59 for your second child and $39 for your third child. However, the price raises $20 for each child after August 7th. The location of our soccer camp will be on the field behind the YMCA. (L’Escale High School Soccer Field)

Register Your Child For The 2017 Rockland Soccer Camp Today!

To register your child/children for soccer camp, please use the following registration method:

Click HERE to download the Soccer registration form or call the church at 613-446-7586. (8:30am-4:30pm)

You then have the following options to return your completed soccer camp registration form:

1-Scan the completed form and send it to

Soccer Camp Payment Options

1-By Cash or Check

2-By Interact / Visa / Mastercard

A Little More Info About Our Soccer Camp…

While the kids are beginning to arrive, we have a few soccer balls available on the field so the children can be entertained until we are ready to start our daily routine.
Once all the children have arrived we will start with drills. The purpose of the drills are to allow the kids to practice simple soccer skills, as well as to stretch before playing.

After an hour of drills we stop for a snack break. During this time we provide insight to everyday situations each child will most likely encounter in their daily lives by using knowledge from the Bible. In pairing with this we distribute one freezie per child as their morning snack.

For the following hour afterwards we continue with planned games and activities, until Lunch time. (Each child is required to bring their own lunch)

After lunch we play a soccer game, making sure each child participates equally.
Depending on the weather, we will take the children to the splash pad at Simon Park, Parc Ave, Clarence-Rockland ON K4K across from the YMCA. When we arrive back at the soccer field, we will provide the kids with one more freezie before you come and pick them up.
On the last day, there is no need to provide lunch for your child/children for we are providing a free pizza lunch where parents are also welcome. Pick up will be right after our “award ceremony.” taking place after lunch. (certificates and trophies)

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