Storms of Life

November 21, 2018

Storms of Life

On Sunday November 18th Pastor Betty shared a life changing sermon titled: Storms of Life.

She began in the book of Acts 28: 1-10. Paul has just survived a shipwreck and washed up ashore on Malta. He literally had just been in a storm.

Betty took us on a journey explaining how we must believe that God is with us in the storms of life. Here are the 6 points to focus on:

1). God is in the storm with us. Focus on God, not the storm. Verse 5 of Acts 28 Paul shakes off a snake. We are encouraged to “Shake it Off”

????in verse 7 we see how God opened a door for Paul to Minister and heal the sick.

2). Shake it off. To hold onto offense. Forgive quickly.

3). Focus on what you can learn from the Storms of Life. Ask yourself: “How’s my attitude? Am I reacting? Or responding? Don’t let people or circumstances rob you of your joy.

4). Our anchor must be the Lord Jesus Christ

5). Rise above the storm. Use it as an opportunity to grow your faith and grow your relationship with God

6). Be an encourager. Hebrews 3:13.