Overcoming Spiritual Resistance – Daniel 10

Overcoming Spiritual Resistance
May 9, 2023

Overcoming Spiritual Resistance – Daniel 10

Listen to last week’s sermon on: Overcoming Spiritual Resistance found in Daniel 10.

Overcoming Spiritual Resistance


Pastor Eric’s sermon last Sunday was about overcoming spiritual resistance. He began by asking the congregation how many of them have faced spiritual opposition and resistance as believers, and how knowing what to do during such times is vital. He then explained that the devil wants to get believers to think that they have lost or should quit when they experience opposition or resistance. However, he proposed that opposition is often a sign that one is on the right path, and that the devil is afraid of what’s on the other side.

According to Pastor Eric, spiritual resistance often occurs when one is on the brink of getting a breakthrough, miracle, or answer to prayers. He urged the congregation not to give up, but to persevere, stand firm, and trust in God’s faithfulness to guide and sustain them. He reminded them that whatever resistance they are facing, God will give them the strength and courage to confront it. He drew inspiration from the book of Daniel, which is a prophetic book that depicts events during the Jews’ exile in Babylon.

Daniel 10

Daniel, a trustworthy advisor with a reputation for wisdom, discernment, and dream interpretation, served in the royal courts and government of Babylon. Pastor Eric used Daniel’s story to illustrate the need for more believers in different places in society, such as the church, government, schools, and school boards. He urged the congregation to be influencers behind the scenes, people of integrity whose reputation is trustworthy, and who can make a difference in society.

Pastor Eric then turned to Daniel 10, which describes a vision that Daniel had during the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, after the Jews had been released from Babylonian captivity. In this vision, Daniel saw a great conflict that would take place in the future, which caused him great distress. Despite his reputation for interpreting dreams and visions, Daniel couldn’t seem to fully understand this vision and hit a brick wall.

Pastor Eric used Daniel’s experience to encourage the congregation to seek God when they hit a brick wall or are at the end of their strength. He suggested that fasting is a powerful way to seek God and cited Daniel’s partial fast as an example. He explained that abstaining from food for a set time to seek God is just as powerful as a full fast. He encouraged those who may have physical challenges to do a partial fast and emphasized the power of seeking God during times of spiritual resistance.

Pastor Eric also talked about the spiritual realm and how it is more real than the physical realm. He explained that there are spiritual forces at work that can hinder believers from achieving their God-given destiny. He urged the congregation to be aware of these forces and to use spiritual weapons to overcome them. He emphasized the importance of prayer, fasting, and reading the Bible as spiritual weapons that can help believers overcome spiritual resistance.

In summary, last week’s sermon was a call to persevere and trust in God’s faithfulness during times of spiritual resistance. Daniel’s story was used to illustrate the need for believers to be influencers in different places in society and encouraged the congregation to seek God through fasting and prayer during times of spiritual resistance. Pastor Eric emphasized the reality of the spiritual realm and the need to use spiritual weapons to overcome spiritual opposition. Overall, his message was a timely reminder of the power of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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