Forming Habits of Rewards Instead of Regrets – Part 1

Forming habits of rewards instead of regrets
January 9, 2024

Forming Habits of Rewards Instead of Regrets – Part 1

Forming habits of rewards instead of regrets

Last week’s sermon centered on the theme “Forming Habits of Rewards Instead of Regrets.” This message is particularly resonant at the start of a new year, a time when many of us are reflecting on our lives and setting goals for the future. The sermon opened with a compelling story about two university students in an organic chemistry class, highlighting the consequences of poor decision-making and the importance of integrity.

The main scripture reference was from Romans 7:19, where Apostle Paul discusses the struggle between good and evil, reflecting on the human tendency to do what we ought not to do, and neglect what we should. This struggle is familiar to many of us, as we often find ourselves in a cycle of making resolutions, trying to change, failing, and then starting over again.

Pastor Eric emphasized the crucial role of habits in breaking this cycle. Habits, defined as actions frequently performed and often automatic, are key to achieving lasting change and reaching our God-given potential. Pastor Eric pointed out that while wishes and dreams are important, they alone cannot lead to change. The difference lies in our habits – the things we do without thinking, which shape our lives and character.

The sermon series will focus on offering practical advice in forming positive and Godly habits. Last, it stressed the importance of starting with small, manageable steps that can lead to significant changes over time. For example, reading the Bible daily, participating in church activities regularly, and dedicating time to prayer were highlighted as small but powerful habits that can bring us closer to God.

Another important aspect discussed was the environment or ‘realm’ we create for ourselves. By making changes to our immediate surroundings and relationships, we can make it easier to form good habits and break bad ones. This includes organizing our living spaces in a way that encourages positive habits and being mindful of the company we keep, as:

bad company can corrupt good character (1 Corinthians 15:33).

Pastor Eric called for a reevaluation of our daily habits, encouraging us to replace habits of regret with habits of reward. By doing so, we align our actions with God’s will, leading to a life of fulfillment and purpose. This message is not only a reminder of the power of small, consistent steps in achieving our goals but also an invitation to rely on God’s strength in breaking free from the habits that hold us back.

Watch part 1 of the sermon series here: