Fighting for Love’s Survival – Matthew 24:12

Fighting for Love's Survival
October 26, 2023

Fighting for Love’s Survival – Matthew 24:12

Listen to last week’s sermon Fighting for Love’s Survival  found in Matthew 24:12.

Fighting for Love's Survival

Because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Pastor Eric’s sermon last Sunday at New Beginning Church focused on the theme of “Fighting for Love’s Survival.” He began by referencing the current state of the church and society and stressed the need to address the diminishing essence of love in our lives. Pastor Eric shared his concern about the church and individuals facing a challenge where the essence of love is diminishing. He emphasized the importance of addressing this issue and preventing love from growing cold. He connected this to the signs of the end times as mentioned in Matthew 24.

Signs of the End Times (Matthew 24).

  1. Season of Great Deception: Many will come in the name of Christ, leading others astray.
  2. Season of Hardships: Wars, famines, earthquakes, trials and persecution will increase.
  3. People Turning Away from Faith: Many will fall away, betray, and hate each other.
  4. Increase in Lawlessness: The disregard for God’s laws and a lack of submission to authority will grow.

Pastor Eric underscored how the escalating lawlessness and the proliferation of evil in today’s world were the principal factors contributing to the erosion of love among many individuals. He articulated that as society becomes increasingly chaotic and values are compromised, it becomes a breeding ground for coldness and indifference, where the warmth of love wanes. The prevalence of immorality and disregard for moral values engenders a climate where love struggles to thrive. Hence, he called upon the congregation to recognize these challenges and actively fight for the survival and rekindling of love, positioning it as the antidote to a world increasingly growing cold.

Key Steps to Nurturing Love:

  1. Internal Check-Up: Regularly examine our lives and actions to see if we are walking in love. Evaluate ourselves based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which defines love.
  2. Connect Daily to the Source: Spend time with God, the source of love, to receive His love and reflect it to others.
  3. Serve Others: Emulate Jesus’s example of serving others and put aside self-centeredness.
  4. Practice Thanksgiving: Count your blessings and focus on God’s goodness rather than the world’s evil.
  5. Travel Light: Avoid keeping a record of wrongs against others and maintain a forgiving spirit.
  6. Foster a Culture of Encouragement: Encourage one another to love and good works, especially as the Day of the Lord approaches (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Pastor Eric provided practical steps for nurturing love, emphasizing that a loving heart, empowered by a relationship with God, enables us to overcome the challenges of the world. He shared examples and encouraged the congregation to live a life of love, prioritizing God’s love above all else.


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