Being Successful with Our Faith

Being Successful with Our Faith_3
January 9, 2019

Being Successful with Our Faith

On Sunday January 6th, Nancy Beaulieu shared a message that inspired God’s People to set up Godly Resolutions for 2019. The title of her message: “Being Successful with Our Faith”

Watch video here:

The Bible encourages us to examine our lives regularly and RESOLVE to change them as necessary. Here are four principles that will help us “Be Successful with Our Faith”:

1: Be intentional about seeking Truth – “Why do you believe what you do? And how to those beliefs impact and transform your life?”

2: Be different – Knowing what God expects from us.

3: Be holy – Living for the Kingdom of God

4: Be intentional – addressing sin

Wrapped it all together by using the word LOVE. 1John 4:19 “We love because He loved us”

L – Learn
O – Obey
V – Verbalize
E – Evolve